Bamboo Power Box

                                                                  Catch the sun & Power the world..

Solar Powered Multi-Function Power Box

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What It Is?

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Bamboo power box is a portable multi-function DC power source with solar charging facility that provides ready power where and when you need it.

It captures and stores energy from the sun to light up LED lamps and charge your devices such as Laptops*, mobile phones, tablets and many more. Bamboo Power Box doesn’t need to be plugged-in to provide electricity. Charge the Bamboo Power Box using solar panel  in direct sunlight outdoors to get thirteen hours of full lamplight (with 6W LED lamp) that you can use anywhere indoors.So you will always have power to stay connected no matter where you go.

 Which is why Bamboo power box is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, schools and homes in rural areas as well as anyone working, travelling or living in remote places.

Where It Works?

Anywhere under the sun!


...Up a Mountain...Sailing a Boat...On the Beach...In a desert.....


Who It's For?

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Homes and shops in some rural and suburban areas often encounter power outage or have no access to power at all. With Bamboo power box portable solar charger, users can charge it under the sun during the day, then use it to read, work as well as charge their mobile phones at night.

Outdoor enthusiasts who go camping, hiking, trekking or mountaineering will find a trusty, lightweight companion in Bamboo power box portable multi-function solar charger. Fitting snugly into any backpack, Bamboo power box provides essential power, light,fly-killing device, saving the need to lug individual items around.


What Can I Power?

Laptops*,Mobile Phones,Tablet PCs,Cameras,LED lamps,MP3 player etc

How Does It Work?

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(1)-Collect Power

Plug your Bamboo Power Box into the solar panel to start the collection of power.

 (2) Store Power In Your Bamboo Power Box

Once your Bamboo power Box is all charged up, you can use it just like you would a wall plug.

 (3)Charge,recharge & Power Your Device

The power you have collected in the power pack can now be used to power or recharge any device.

How To Charge Bamboo Power Box?

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Charge outside and in direct sunlight for 9-12 hours using solar panel.(Do not expose Bamboo Power Box to direct sunlight)

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Note: Charge time can vary due to season, temperature, sun strength, and battery life.