Bamboo Power Box

                                                                  Catch the sun & Power the world..

Solar Powered Multi-Function Power Box

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Bamboo Power Box Recycling Program

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Don't just throw your old BPB components in the trash...........Recycle it safely & profitably

We are committed to supporting our customers and protecting the environment throughout the product lifecycle. Our recycling program makes it easy for you to safely and profitably recycle your used Bamboo Power Box(BPB) components*.Exchange your old BPB components with a new one.Send us your old  BPB components  by courier,and we will recycle it for you and enjoy amazing discounts  on your new purchase(You may  get up to 70% off).We will accept the old BPB components in any condition

*Recycling offer only available to BPB head(Circuit board) and Bamboo cabinet