Bamboo Power Box

                                                                  Catch the sun & Power the world..

Solar Powered Multi-Function Power Box

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About Bamboo Power Box –FIY

Bamboo Power Box-FIY(BPB-FIY) is an awesome product from Bamboo Power  Box team,it's a  portable solar power generator or simply a solar charger .With this you can power your Laptops*,Tablet PCs, Mobile phones, LED lamps and more. The ‘FIY’ stands for ‘Fix-It-Yourself’. BPB-FIY is specially designed, and the users can disassemble, repair or upgrade  it easily. All the components of BPB-FIY is easily replaceable, and  available for sale individually. So if your battery starts to lose capacity, you can simply replace the battery, and only the battery. The same goes for all other components, if you break the enclosure, or fry a circuit, just replace what's broken. You save money, and you produce less waste.

                                                                         *Only available in PRO version

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